Image of Gene MirabelliCritical Pages is a collection of essays, or posts, about a variety of  things. It’s a jumble, a mix of subjects in no particular order. We’re interested in art, science,  economics, society, sex, religion, anything that catches our attention. Critical Pages used to have more on politics — and certainly politics might appear here — but we’ve weeded it out, mostly. Topical political news gets stale fast, and we’d like to have posts that may interest or amuse the reader who strays onto these pages the day after tomorrow as well as today. The person pictured on the left is Gene Mirabelli — that photo was taken years ago — who writes the posts and pages around here. He’s a novelist, a very old novelist, who’s written some wonderful books. He lives at You can visit his site by clicking anywhere in this sentence. Go ahead. It’s free. And, besides, you’ll find some fascinating novels.