Couple reading in parkStamp Out Starving Writers! Buy Their Books! That’s our motto here at Critical Pages. And in celebration of spring, we suggest you stroll over to your local bookstore and buy something. And if your local bookstore sells cards and trinkets and stuffed animals, we suggest you buy a book anyway. Patronize your local book store and they’ll love you forever.  Besides, you never know who you’ll meet while roaming the aisles and scanning the shelves. You might meet a person much like yourself, a person who likes good novels with real meaning but an occasional scene with explicit sex such as you never find in Jane Austen, or maybe you like science fiction, or cook books with stunning photos of gorgeous salads, or mystery novels, poetry and collections of short stories. Take the couple pictured above. They love books and love each other.  Maybe they met in a book store. It happens. So give it a try.  Go to your local book store and help stamp out starving writers. You might meet someone who’s there to do the same thing. Then you two could take a walk in the park together. And read.