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Bitcoin and Blockchain
You’ve probably heard of bitcoin — or should it be capitalized, Bitcoin? — and if you’ve gone further into it you’ve heard of Blockchain, or blockchain. These are words that a lot of people have heard and don’t understand. But bitcoin sounds...
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Galileo and Pendulums
Mathematical equations can be beautiful, or they can be ugly and messy. When we find a simple, elegant equation, we can rightly say it’s beautiful. Most people are familiar with the simple and elegant equation E = MC². It’s sometimes...
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"Wars are the way Americans learn geography."     —Ambrose Bierce, or maybe it was Mark Twain. In any case, it's an uneasy truth.
April Is National Poetry & Financial Literacy Month
April is National Poetry Month and National Financial Literacy Month, too. If you knew about the one, you probably didn’t know about the other, so we’re spreading the word about these national observances. National Poetry Month was started by the...
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Ada Lovelace And The First Computer Program
Maybe you know about Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s daughter, a very bright young mathematician who worked with the older scientist, Charles Babbage, when he was developing the first programmable computing machine –- a precursor of the contemporary computer. If you...
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Who Watches TV News?
The people who sponsor TV programs do so because they know who is watching those programs. And they figure they have the products that those people want to buy. People from all walks of life might watch the Super Bowl...
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Our Scribes have been working…

Monks in scriptorium
We have a couple of long reviews, too long for posts anyway. One’s on paleoanthropology (about our ancestors who came before homo sapiens) and the other is on artificial intelligence. Check them out — Cafe Neandertal  or Superintelligence.





By the way, you’ll notice that those scribes are working on pages, not on long scrolls. Writing on pages and then gathering those pages into books was the new technology of the Middle Ages. The newly invented book gave readers the amazing opportunity of going from the beginning of a text to the middle or the end or to anyplace in between just by turning a few pages! No more having to unwind a long scroll and then rewind it back. Furthermore, the pages were flat, never rolled up, so you could paint gorgeous colored illuminations on the page. It was wonderful. What will they think of next!

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